Dr Debabrata Dash has a vast experience in complex coronary angioplasty. He is a visiting international faculty in USA, Israel, Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia and Latin America. He is specialized in various coronary angioplasty (PAMI, CTO, Graft, LMCA, Bifurcation), peripheral, renal, carotid angioplasty, IVUS, ROTA, CT Angio and virtual histology, OCT.

Angioplasty & Stenting:


Angioplasty is a procedure in which a tiny device is inserted into narrowed blood vessels that supply blood to the heart. This device widens the arteries and increases blood flow.


This procedure is used to open narrowed or blocked arteries caused by deposits of plaque. The problem may be corrected by inflating the balloon to compress the plaque against the arterial wall, widening the passage for the blood to flow through. Typically, a device called a stent is placed within the coronary artery to keep the vessel open.

Angioplasty is not considered surgery and does not usually require the patient to be under complete anesthesia. The desired result is a reduction in chest pain and breathing difficulties. Stents  are small metal, fabric or plastic mesh-like materials which hold open blood vessels.

Stenting is a procedure that results in the placement of permanent stents in blood vessels to reduce the incidence of re-closing after blockages are repaired. 

While stenting is also used for non-vascular purposes, it is most often coupled with angioplasty to brace open blood vessels, such as arteries, for improved blood flow. 

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